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Sell Gold Jewelry

Sell your Unused Gold Jewellery and Walk Out with Cash in your Pocket

Tired of those fake promises made by “We Buy” gold stores? Oren is the better buyer than any other popular jewellery stores and pawn shops in the town. Sell gold jewellery that are simply laying around unused and earn instant cash from us.


Actually it is. In this uncertain economic condition, instant cash for your unused jewellery is indeed a boon. And we offer you a fair deal. Here’s how it works in Oren:

  • The gold in any form (jewellery, coins, watches or antiques) is acceptable. Even a broken piece of jewellery can earn you a fortune.
  • We appraise its value ( melt value of the gold) and tell you its value right on the spot
  • The deal is signed upon your agreement and the payment is made on spot

For your convenience, we can come over to your place

Send us a mail or give us a call, we will get in touch with you. Our representatives will be right at your place to collect your valued collaterals. And once the evaluation is done, we do not keep you waiting. Your payment will be made within 24 hours of finalizing the deal.

Our evaluation procedure

Here we follow a step-by-step procedure to evaluate your gold’s worth. As a leading and legitimate metal dealer of the town, we always want you get the best returns for your prized possessions, which had once created memories.

Here’s how we evaluate:

Sorting the karat: Since your gold is treated with alloy, it’s difficult to assess its true price without knowing its karat value. This phase includes a thorough checking of all the visible and invisible stamps that helps in determining the purity of gold.

Weighing the gold: Once the items are sorted by karat, the melted gold is weighed down for the assessment of its true value. The scale is calibrated daily, so that it can give accurate results. However, if you want, it can be recalibrated in front of you.

Quoting: Following the appraisal, we quote its price. We essentially consider the current market price so that you can get the best price. However, the price solely depends on the purity and weight of your gold jewellery.

What we Buy

We buy each and every piece of your gold jewellery. Whether, it’s a broken piece or an unused one with dust accumulated, we will buy it and pay you for its actual value. We do not keep you waiting for the “cash” that you deserve.

So gather your bangles, earrings, necklaces, eardrops, rings, bracelets and whatever you have and we will offer you the best value that you could ever expect. Compare our rates with the top buyers in the city and you will know why we are the best!

Why Oren is Better

Unlike the pawn shops and jewellery stores around the corner, we do not simply claim that we are better. Rather, we GUARANTEE. We guarantee the best price in the region. Oren is Better because:

  • We offer the Best Price: Selling your gold jewellery with us give you the best value. While the popular stores in the town give you as low as 20% of the spot value we beat the record by offering 70-80% of the spot value. We charge a nominal fee for the refinery process and this is how we offer you the best price. Don’t believe us? Drop in with your unused jewellery piece and see the rates.
  • Free evaluation: Unhappy with the price offered by your local dealer? Come in for a free evaluation of your jewellery’s true worth. We offer you a FREE evaluation! We offer you a evaluation quote so that you can make the most of your precious possessions. Take advantage of our Price Challenge to get the best rates as well.
  • Unrivalled Customer Support: We not only build up potential customer base everyday with our exclusive customer support, but also keep on getting returning visitors and referrals on a regular basis. Dealing with us gives you a peace of mind.

Get the Benefits of the Higher Rates that we directly Offer to Our Clients

We Do not Appoint Middleman for the Dealings

So what are you waiting for? Simply walk in with your unused and age-old gold jewellery pieces at our Steeprock Dr. Shop and walk out with cash in hand.



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