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Today, when precious metals are at their all-time-high and economies are suffering the recession lash-out, selling old gold jewellery or precious metal items becomes a lucrative yet, tricky option for many. In order to get the best returns from your gold jewellery, it is vital to understand how to sell gold correctly.

Before you set out to sell gold jewellery, know all details related to its weight, carat and purity. This will help you ascertain the value to expect. In addition you must know the latest price of gold per ounce or grams for the day and the amount your buyer will deduct for his services.

You may sell gold jewellery to postal gold companies, pawn shops, or jewellers. You could be someone looking to do away with old, unused gold jewellery, or someone looking for fast cash; it is best to survey and opt for a buyer who is reliable and offers the best price for your jewellery.

If you are looking for a secure, reputable and reliable jewellery buyer in Toronto, opt for Oren. Located in central Toronto, their office has easy accessibility. With years of experience in the business, Oren enjoys an excellent reputation with both public, as well as, private sellers.

Their knowledge in the precious metal and jewellery industry allows them to deliver professional services to all their customers. Clients, who visit the office, may expect immediate returns once the deal is settled. Others looking for privacy or those unable to come are met by Oren at their location within the greater Toronto area. Customers can also exercise the mailing option, with an assurance of the best returns.

Be it scrap gold, old jewellery, antiques, dental gold, silver, platinum or any other precious item, Oren offers the most reliable appraisals. While many often wonder how to sell gold to the right buyer; expect only the best in terms of customer satisfaction when you deal with Oren. Their professionalism, assurance of confidentiality and flawless reputation over the years, has earned them several loyal customers in and around Toronto.

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