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Silver Buyers: Why Silver is Important Too

In today’s gold rush, many of us seem to have forgotten the importance and the beauty of silver. As silver buyers who also deal in a variety of precious metals like gold and platinum, Oren is Better is well versed with the history and value of silver. This also makes it the best place to sell gold and silver, amongst a host of other items like antiques too.

To begin with, silver has always enjoyed an equally important place as compared to gold, since antiquity. Silver reserves were found close to the surface of the planet in ancient times, and have since been used to fashion coins, vessels, jewelry and many other items. Over time, silver evolved as the preferred metal for nobility and aristocratic families as well, with many people owning cutlery and tea sets in silver. Silver has been known for its healing properties too. Coupled with the right stone like a blue sapphire or numerous others, it has been known to fix various problems that arise in terms of the astrological movement of stars in one’s birth chart. Many astrologers in the Orient side of the world like India and China, for example, still believe in the use of silver to cure maladies born out of crossed stars in one’s astronomical chart.

Silver was recognized in 1972 in the United States as the key metal to be used for their currency or the dollar, to be more exact. With this recognition and use by a world super power came a new importance. Countries like India had long since given up the practice of using silver for its coins, but in embracing it, the United States forged a new path wherein silver was seen as a metal for all ages, all phases and all eras.

Silver buyers like Oren is Better recognize this importance and salute it with schemes dedicated to silver. Also, it is the best place to sell gold if you happen to be in and around Toronto. Besides accessible and well-guarded offices, we also follow a process based on fairer than fair practices. Do pay us a visit today to learn more!

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