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Smart Tips to Sell Your Diamond Jewelry

There are many people who want to sell their old diamond jewelry in order to earn some quick cash. Because most of us don’t know the tricks of the trade, we end up facing much difficulty. In fact, you might end up incurring huge losses instead of earning profits. If you don’t have prior knowledge regarding transactions of diamonds, the process can really be intimidating. Thus, learning the tricks of selling diamonds can help you stay a step ahead. If you care to find out, take a look here:

People sell old diamond jewelry to earn cash. To get a great rate on your jewelry, you need to know the specifications of your diamond. You can use a rapaport price list or online calculator to determine the approximate value of the diamond in terms of carat, cut, and colour.  The amount of cash you can get is very much dependent on the rapaport price of your stone as many dealers rely on this.

You are responsible for setting the price for the piece of jewelry you own. However, it’s important that you do a little bit of market research. The price you have paid when you bought it won’t ever be the amount you can get while selling it. So go out in the market and research the current prices and value of your stone. It will also help you select the dealer to whom you can sell your diamond.

Avoid going to the pawnshop to sell your exclusive piece of jewelry. They are usually the middle man for any such transaction meaning they take a portion of the total value of the stone. Always do your due diligence before selling your jewelry and get quotes from multiple buyers before making the transaction.

Oren is Better provides top dollar for your diamonds. We assure that you will not find a better deal for your diamonds anywhere in Toronto or the GTA. In fact, we would like you to visit other dealers in the city before coming to meet us so you can realize this yourself.

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