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How to Spot a Fake Luxury Watch

Collecting designer, luxury watches is a costly affair. These timepieces cost a fortune and a lot of money rides on them for being genuine. But, with the increase in the number of luxury watch collectors, the market has become flooded with counterfeit watches that can look as convincing as originals.

With so many fake luxury watches in the market, it becomes important to have the skills to identify original timepieces. To avoid getting tricked by frauds and losing your money, here’s a guide on how to spot a fake designer watch.

1) Absence of Valid Documents

Luxury watches always come with valid documents such as warranty card and certificate with a serial number. If you don’t get proper documents at the time of purchase, then the watch could be a fake. Even at the time of purchasing a designer watch from a private collector, it is recommended to check the watch’s previous ownership history to validate its authenticity.

2) Loud Ticking Noise

A real designer luxury watch is made with hundreds of well-crafted, intricate moving parts. These small pieces are crafted with perfection to provide smooth functioning to the piece. Test the watch by holding it against your ear and try to hear the ticking sound. If the watch is original, it won’t tick at all. If it does tick, you know you have bought a counterfeit watch.

3) Errors in Logo Colour and Font

Original designer watches are built according to strict quality standards. Therefore, obvious mistakes such as different font size, spelling errors, cheap print quality and improper logo placement can easily distinguish an imitation piece from an original watch. Look for sharp and crisp letters printed on the dial and where the logo is placed. For example, in real Rolex watches, the crown is always placed in the centre and the letters of ‘ROLEX’ are sharp.

4) Relatively Lighter Weight

Genuine luxury watches are made of precious metals, gemstones and consist of a lot of intricate moving parts. Therefore, they are quite heavier compared to other wristwatches made of cheaper materials. The best way to test their authenticity is by comparing the weight of the watch you’re willing to buy with a genuine piece verified by the certified buyer. If the weight of both the pieces is not same, you can easily figure out the fake one.

5) Obstructive Movement of Bracelet Links

Since real designer watches are made of high-quality materials, their metal straps or bracelets are usually heavy, move smoothly and look polished. If the metal strap of your watch looks worn out or seems too simple for a designer timepiece, you should consider getting it checked with an appraiser for your surety.

Look for all these signs before spending your money on an expensive designer wrist watch. The best way to avoid ending up with a counterfeit timepiece is to buy from a certified luxury watch dealer. The next time you plan to buy luxury wrist watches, remember to consider these specifications and then make your decision.

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