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How to Store Fine Jewellery at Home and Keep It Safe

Jewellery theft is often considered to be a crime of opportunity. Workers coming to your home, visitors, friends, and even your family members might be tempted by the fine jewellery you have lying around. Similar to storing other valuable items in your home, your fine jewellery is meant to be stored in a way to keep them safe while also preventing damage. It’s best to sort your jewellery and store them according to the gemstones and metals they are made of. By keeping similar pieces together, you have a good chance to preserve the jewellery and also protect their delicate parts. Learn how to keep your fine jewellery safe at home with these clever storage tips.

Store Fine Jewellery at Home in a Safe

Creating a Controlled Storage Atmosphere

All fine jewellery should be stored in a dry, clean and cool place. Certain gemstones have a tendency to change colours when exposed to direct sunlight and excessive heat. Moisture and excessive heat also have a tendency to affect these pieces by causing harm to the gemstone itself or damaging the clasp. You should consider adding little packets of silica, like the ones you get when purchasing a bag or shoes and placing them with the jewellery. They help keep the environment dry and hence, prevent any damage from happening to the fine jewellery due to excessive moisture in the environment.

Always Storing Jewellery by Type

Remember what all of your fine jewellery is made of and store them according to their material. Pieces made using coloured gemstones, pearls and diamonds need very precise storage specifications. Likewise, the different types of jewellery metals such as platinum, sterling gold and karat gold also need proper storage conditions if you are planning on both preserving and protecting them. Remember to keep tarnishing metals away from silver jewellery as this can help prevent oxidization and also keep them in a wearable condition for longer.

Cleaning Them Before Putting Them Away

Any piece of fine jewellery should be thoroughly cleaned before they are put away. Also, always wipe down all of your valuables after each use. This helps remove any spray, soap, powder, or lotion residue that may have accumulated from you wearing them. The best way is to use a soft, clean and slightly damp piece of cloth as it can help remove both sweat and body oil. Take off any piece of fine jewellery while gardening, exercising, doing housework or swimming as all of these may result in tarnishing the metal.

Using a Soft Fabric Lining

Jewellery Container with Soft Fabric Lining

You can use felt or any other soft and cushiony fabric to store your fine jewellery in a safe manner. Cultured pearls are generally delicate as a product of nature. Hence, pearl bracelets, necklaces, and other jewellery items should be both handled and stored with a bit of extra care. Though diamonds are highly desirable due to their durability, any loose stone or fine jewellery should be stored in containers with soft linings to prevent scratches or any other kind of damage.

Securing Your Jewellery

You should consider a storage solution for your fine jewellery which not only prevents damage but also protects it from theft. Having a safe at home is a great idea to store your fine jewellery and provide protection against natural disasters and break-ins. It’s best to keep heirloom and fine jewellery in a safe and to keep it somewhere out-of-sight. You can also choose to use a portable home-safe when travelling somewhere.

Other Ways of Keeping Your Jewellery Safe

Installing Security Cameras

Install Security Cameras

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways in which you can prevent burglars from getting to your precious items. Most modern cameras are reasonably priced and also easy to install. You can position a camera at all the entrances of your home. This can help scare away burglars and help document evidence that can be presented to the police in case your fine jewellery does get stolen.

Considering Creative Hiding Places

If you are looking to keep your valuables safe at home, sometimes the best strategy to implement is hiding them in plain sight. Here are some creative tips you can use when trying to keep your fine jewellery safe.

  • Inside a Freezer Bag– You can put all of your fine jewellery in a freezer bag and place it at the back of your freezer or fridge. In the event of a robbery, the thief will be unlikely to check the refrigerator for valuables, especially jewellery.
  • In a Plastic Bottle or an Old Mason Jar – Another great hiding place is an opaque bottle or jar. You can place the containers just about anywhere in your house and a robber will never realize that there may be anything of value in them.
  • Inside the Pocket of an Old Sweatshirt or Jacket –Pick out a jacket or any other piece of clothing with pockets where you can store your expensive jewellery. This is the last place a burglar will consider looking for jewellery
  • Right at the Back of a Sock Drawer – You can place your valuables inside an old sock since it’s unlikely to draw much attention and keep it right at the back.
  • Buried in Your Backyard – It’s a great idea to store your fine jewellery in a plastic container or any other type of secured jar and bury it. However, make sure you set up a marker placed in the spot do its easy for you to look for them at a later given time.

Avoiding Obvious Spots

  • A Wall Safe – A wall safe can easily be dislodged by simply cutting the drywall around it unless it’s been installed by a professional. Also, wall-safes are typically lightweight and small, making it easy to be carried around and transported off-site.
  • Any Heated Areas – Avoid placing your valuables in an electrical item or a place that becomes heated like the base of a lamp or the HVAC duct. There may be an accident resulting in your jewellery getting destroyed and also puts your home at risk of burning down.
  • A Locking Cabinet – It’s a well-known fact that burglars will take anything that has a lock on it, regardless of its contents. Also, the locks present on file cabinets are rather flimsy and with the right tools, can easily be popped open.
  • Jewellery Boxes – This is a good place where you can store jewellery you can afford to lose but not your expensive fine jewellery. It’s one of the most obvious hiding places and a thief can easily steal it without thinking twice.
  • Inside a Picture Frame – Picture frames with false interiors and backs tend to be slightly thicker than normal frames. Though an easy hiding place, it is a common one that most burglars are aware of.

If you consider your fine jewellery to be a wearable work of art, you should ensure that they are stored in a secure and safe place. When you aren’t wearing the pieces, consider various storage methods to keep them protected from damage of any kind. After all, you wouldn’t want your valuables to be wiped out through a single act of misfortune.

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