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Taking Care of Antique Heirloom pieces

Antique or heirloom metal pieces are of great value and are prized possessions. This is reason enough for one to take appropriate care for them to last a lifetime and maintain them in great condition. Antiques can be many, they can be watches, jewelry pieces like rings, ear studs, brooches, pendants, silver crockery, etc. Proper care and maintenance for different antiques are different and not all can be cared for in a similar fashion. However, here we have tried to share brief guidelines about caring for different antiques.


It is common for antique jewelry to be encrusted with precious gems like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc. Every gemstone needs to be taken care of differently. However there are some common guidelines like:

  • Wiping them with a soft clean cloth with the help of mild water and detergent solution
  • They need to be stored in soft cloth bags to avoid scratches.
  • They can be scrubbed lightly with a brush with soft bristles
  • Avoid using perfumes and sprays while wearing these pieces
  • Get them regularly checked by jewelers for a reassurance that their setting is fine and not become loose.


When it comes to rings, they require special care. If you have a priceless ring, these are the things that you ought to keep in mind for it to last you a lifetime:

  • Remember not to wear the ring to the gym or swimming pool
  • Avoid wearing it during any kind of intensive hand work like gardening or cooking or cleaning or washing
  • Take it off before hitting the bed at night
  • Store in well in a box or wrapped in a soft cloth
  • If encrusted with precious stones, remember to check whether they are in place or not with a jeweler.

General Cleaning:

Certain general cleaning techniques are applicable to all antiques. However it is good to bear a few things in mind.

  • General cleaning of antiques can be done with a mild soapy solution.
  • However, remember not to soak them in for too long as this may affect adversely.
  • Also you need to use the right kind of cleaning equipment like soft cloth or tooth brush
  • If you are using homemade solutions or kitchen ingredients like soda or vinegar to clean your precious stuff, ensure that they are used in the right proportions to avoid damage.


Antique watches require special care and cannot be cared for like other jewelry or heirloom pieces. Some things that you need to do for proper care of such watches is:

  • Keep them away from dust, humidity, heat, cold, etc.
  • Wind them regularly.
  • Use them as often as possible.
  • Get them serviced periodically by professional watchmakers.

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