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Taking Care of Jewellery: The OREN IS BETTER Model

Oren truly is the expert. Not only do we at Oren is Better, know all about buying and selling jewelry, we also know how to care of jewelry; irrespective of whether or not you want to sell jewelry and the said pieces.

Jewelry is one of the biggest investment and the most precious gifts passed down to a lady. In fact, entire cultures and civilizations thrive on the importance of gold and silver, especially gold coins, for special occasions like weddings and the arrival of a baby. Yet, these items are not often used and end up being relegated to the most backward quarters of your closet. In fact, many a time, you may even forget about the jewelry entirely.

But the fact is that the time is right to sell gold coins and jewelry to avail the benefits of the rapidly increasing cost of gold. You can make a neat sum so as to put to use the sentiments and blessings with which the pieces were bought or handed to you; rather than keeping them in your closet to gather dust.

Yet, cleaning and storing jewelry is also an important facet of owning jewelry. If you are using gold or silver jewelry every day or on a regular basis, you may not be aware of the fact that the crevices and intricately carved items can attract dirt and bacteria that can just stay on and thrive. But due to the delicate nature of jewelry, many of us shy away from experimenting less we end up with damaged pieces. Cleaning and storing jewelry properly is important whether or not you want to sell jewelry. Here are some tips and pointers from Oren is Better:

–          Store your jewelry in properly made boxes that will accommodate the size of the item without having to fold it. This ensures longevity as well as no damage to the pieces, especially those which have been intricately carved with lots of technique in place.

–          Clean regularly: you can take your pieces to the jeweler regularly for a thorough and free clean up. Or you can DIY with water and washing powder as well as a dash of liquid ammonia. Just soak and wipe off with a soft cloth for best results.

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