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The 5 Most Iconic Diamonds in the World

Whenever we think of the most expensive gemstones in the world, diamonds are the first thing that comes to the mind. They are very valuable, not just to diamond buyers but to many people worldwide.

Just because all diamonds are pure carbon crystals similarly created under extreme heat and pressure, does not mean they are all equal. Based on their cut, colour, clarity and carat weight- diamonds can be of various types. They are among the most iconic diamonds carrying a history of their own, which makes them expensive.

The Most Famous Diamonds in History

In this post we have put together five of the most iconic diamonds in the world.

1.    The Hope Diamond

Hope Diamonds

Believed to have found in 17th century India, the famous hope diamond, also known as the Tavernier Blue,  has been a topic of discussion among local diamond enthusiasts around the world. The stone derives its name from the famous gem collector, Henry Philip Hope, who had the gem in his possession in the 1830s.

The 115.16-carat gem is believed to be cursed due to being stolen by a French merchant, named Jean-Baptiste Tavernier from a Hindu temple. But most of it is just a myth. In reality, Tavernier most likely bought the item from the Kollur Mine in India and sold it to King Louis XIV of France in 1668.

During the French Revolution, when all the royal treasury was being taken over by the government, the stone got stolen. After being briefly possessed by George IV, the King of England, Henry Hope finally got his hands on the stone and it became popularly known as the Hope diamond ever since. After Hope’s death, it changed hands a few more times and was taken on a world tour for a decade before it was handed over to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958, where it has remained since then.

With such a rich history, one can only guess the unimaginable value of this precious item. It is definitely one of the most expensive diamonds in the world, with a price value of $350 million.

2.    The Cullinan Diamond

The Cullinan Diamond

With a weight of 3,106.75 carats (621.35 g), the Cullinan Diamond is considered to be the largest in the world. Discovered in 1905, the stone derives its name from Thomas Cullinan, the diamond mogul. After it was found in Cullinan’s mine in South Africa, it was gifted to the king of England, Edward VII in 1907.

The original stone was cut into nine numbered polished stone pieces- the Cullinan I-IX, along with 96 small brilliants and 9 carats of unpolished fragments. The largest polished piece is the Cullinan I or Star Africa First, which costs about $400 million.

3.    The Tiffany Yellow Diamond

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond

The Tiffany Diamond is the biggest yellow diamond to have been discovered. Fans of the 1961 Hollywood drama “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” will remember this stone from the promotional pictures. Actress Audrey Hepburn wore it as part of the Ribbon Rosette necklace designed by the famous French jewellery designer Jean Schlumberger.

Originally it was purchased by the diamond king Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1877 and later remodelled by gemmologist George Kunz. In 2012, the stone has been redesigned into a platinum and diamond necklace as a celebration of the 175th anniversary of Tiffany & Co. and at present, is on exhibition in the New York store of the retailer.

4.    The Centenary Diamond

The Centenary Diamond

This 273-carat heart-shaped diamond was discovered in 1986, from the Premier Mine of South Africa. De Beers, the diamond firm that found it, waited for 2 years before making the news public. This was done to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary in 1988.

It nearly weighed 600 carats in its original condition until it was cut by a diamond cutter named Gabi Tolkowsky.

5.    Koh-I-Noor Diamond

Koh-I-Noor Diamond

When we are discussing the history of these iconic diamonds, perhaps the most interesting one is that of “Koh-I-Noor” or the Mountain of Light.

Another diamond to have originated in India’s Kollur Mine, this 13th-century discovery weighs around 186 carats. The British got hold of this precious stone in 1849 as a result of the Anglo-Sikh peace treaty of Lahore. It was then cut into a 105-carat oval cut form that we see today.

This gem too is believed to be cursed, much like the Hope Diamond. Since it is believed to bring misfortune to the wearer, only women of British royalty ever had the privilege of wearing it.

The diamond is presently on display as a part of the crown that once belonged to Queen Elizabeth. The stone has been a topic of an ownership dispute between Britain and India for almost 70 years.


Another gem recently has been added to this list, with the recent discovery of

The biggest diamond in North America



If reading about the most famous diamonds discovered has you interested, then maybe consider picking a diamond for yourself. Of course, these famous diamonds might not be within your reach, but you can still get a hold of something within your budget. And if you are willing to sell your diamond ring or jewellery, then you can get a good amount of cash for it.



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