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Tips for Selling Platinum Jewellery

Platinum is a very beautiful and exclusive metal which people love to own. It is also great to know that selling platinum is a good option when serious needs arise. A piece of platinum jewelry can fetch you an outstanding price. Here are few tips for selling your platinum jewelry.

  • Platinum often looks like silver so before selling the platinum jewelry, you should realize you possess platinum and not silver. Many buyers will often try to convince you that your platinum jewelry is actually silver in order to pay less for it. You need to elaborate on the exclusivity of the metal and jewelry to increase your chances of getting a higher offer.
  • Do your research and determine the amount of platinum your jewelry contains and find the market rate of platinum the day you visit the buyer.
  •  The jewelry should be cleaned and polished before you meet the buyer. Platinum tends to get finger marks and retains the residue oil from your hands. So a bit of cleaning and polishing can do wonders to the piece of jewelry you possess.
  • Be sure that while you are displaying the platinum jewelry for inspection, there is good light in the room. Light truly brings out the sparkle of the metal. Insist on the item being placed on velvet so that it stands out to be unique and alluring.

Now, you must be wondering about the right place for selling your platinum jewelry. Oren is a reputable gold, silver, diamond and platinum buyer. Although we are located in Toronto, our services are available throughout Canada.  We promise a transparent transaction and the most cash for the items you bring to sell.  Skip the middleman and come directly to the buyer. Visit our easily accessible office in Toronto and get paid on the spot. Call us today at 647-234-2274; we will explain how you can have instant cash in exchange for your jewellery.

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