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Tips to Keep Your Jewellery Safe and Organized When Travelling

Travelling takes a great deal of planning and preparation in itself, whether it’s a long tour or a weekend trip. It is especially difficult when you intend to travel with your jewellery as it can create trouble when you don’t plan properly. Prior to leaving for the trip, you should take a minute and really think about how you’ll be keeping your favourite and precious items safe when you’re on the road. There are numerous issues that can come up suddenly. Here are a few things you should know when you decide to travel with your jewellery.

  • Packing like a professional

Jewellery, no matter the type, is extremely delicate and can be damaged very easily when it hasn’t been packed properly. Carrying a small jewellery case is a great idea for this reason as this allows you to store all your valuables in the same spot. There are also other things you can do to prevent your earrings and necklaces from getting tangled and chipped. Items that we utilise in our daily lives can easily become containers to pack jewellery into. Straws can be utilised to thread the chains of necklaces, keeping them from getting entangled. Pillboxes can be used to keep your earrings safe in and tiny plastic bags can ensure that all your items are sorted.

  • Considering the alternatives

If you have a wedding set, which is particularly valuable, consider leaving the bigger pieces of the set at home and travelling with just your wedding band. You could also go the extra mile and purchase a fake wedding band if you’re scared of losing the real one. This ensures that you can still wear your ring, which indicates your marital status while minimizing the possibility of damage or loss.

Don’t forget that when you’re travelling, you’re on an adventure. If you and your partner have plans to participate in outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, sight-seeing or boating, you will most likely be putting your jewellery at further risk of getting damaged or lost.

  • Never taking chances

When travelling with your delicate jewellery, it’s important to always be prepared. You should have a plan in place for all your fine jewellery. You can have an inventory list or a checklist of the items you’re carrying so that nothing gets left behind. Also, before you leave, get your jewellery insured. Accidents can happen to anybody, anywhere, it doesn’t matter how careful you are. Many companies exclusively insure jewellery and it is definitely something that can be looked into as they provide complete coverage for damage, loss, mysterious disappearance and theft.

Taking the right steps to protect your valuables will ensure that you have peace of mind, allowing you to relax and have fun to the fullest.

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