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Tips to Start Your Own Antique Jewellery Collection

Antique jewellery has the ability to draw us in for numerous reasons. There is usually an interesting story related to an older piece of jewellery. Furthermore, some of the antique jewellery can be of better quality and value than other jewellery reproduced or made in the current retail market. There are also those pieces that look like older pieces of jewellery. It doesn’t matter where your love for antique jewellery comes from, with the right resources, you can start a special collection of your own.

Collecting and shopping for antique jewellery can certainly be more complicated than it initially seems. Many antique jewellery appraisers recommend amateurs to start with an inquisitive mind, a passion for learning, patience, a good memory and also some money. Here are a few things you should know before starting your own antique jewellery collection.

    • Know the era you are attracted to

You can find out about the different eras by researching time periods in books, auction catalogues, museum exhibits and online websites. This will help you narrow down the era or eras you are most attracted to. Also, try and look at numerous examples of some of the most prevalent details and popular pieces belonging to each individual era and get familiar with them.

    • Learn to tell if the piece is a reproduction

When you shop around, you begin to learn many things. In addition to a trustworthy dealer, you should also learn to read hallmarks, how different pieces belonging to different eras feel when they are touched etc. Hold the pieces as much as you can and try them on to be absolutely sure. You can visit some auction previews or even shop at various antique fairs and shows located in your area.

    • Don’t refrain from asking questions

If the shop owner/dealer is passionate and trustworthy about their work, they will be more than happy to talk to you. They can give you valuable information such as whether the piece is an original or not or has been reproduced, about the provenance, the stones, settings and hallmarks. This is all related to the investment you are looking to make as an original and authentic piece in good condition will be more appreciated as time passes.

    • Set a budget before shopping

The Victorian era is a safe place to start for new collectors. This is because of the industrial revolution with the ability to produce pieces with such fine detail and which are also symbolic and hold sentimental value. They are wearable pieces and have a language of their own. They are also known to be available at much lower rates compared to the rare Georgian jewels obtainable in excellent condition.

    • Do your research and seek out relationships

When you are looking for something in particular, conduct thorough research on dealers who specialize in the time period that the piece belongs to. However, if this is not possible, find one who deals with other pieces from the country of origin. Also, don’t underestimate the power of building relationships with these dealers. If you are a customer who keeps going back to them, they will have a sense of loyalty and will give the same back to you.

The world of fine vintage jewellery is a big one which also remains a glamorous mystery to most of us. But, this doesn’t mean that we should stop indulging in these accessories. Vintage jewellery is an affordable way to start a collection which can be traditional along with being precious. These tips will surely help you start your own antique jewellery collection in no time.

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