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Unbeatable but Vulnerable

Diamonds are the hardest stones on Earth. They are rare and matchless in value and price but they also require care and utmost attention. Diamonds can be susceptible to cracks and ‘cleavage’ if not taken care of.  A lot of diamonds may split along crystal planes and result in chipping. You have to make sure the diamond is set well but reasonable upkeep is necessary to enjoy the privileges of owning a diamond for many years to come.

Follow these tips to have a sparkly and brilliant set of diamonds.

  1. Avoid wearing diamonds when you do regular chores at home or work. Diamonds should be worn occasionally and should be put in a safe place once the occasion is over. Don’t  wash dishes wearing diamonds in your fingers. Do not wear these if you are gardening or even going out on a sultry summer afternoon. The diamond is susceptible to losing its sheen if it comes in contact with sweat and bodily fluids.
  2. Always have a strong setting for your diamonds. The stronger the setting, the better it is for your diamond to stay in place and not get dislocated. To have a secure stone, make sure the jewellery piece was built strongly on a firm setting.
  3. Do not use sprays and perfumes once you wear diamonds. The sediments and chemicals from these products accumulate and dull the appearance. Diamonds require regular care and should be cleaned to help maintain the brilliance and shine.
  4. Gently scrub your diamonds with a soft bristle brush in plain water or diluted alcohol.

Always check the claws of the diamond when you have used it for a while. Loose claws may lead you to lose a few stones. This is not desirable. Visit your jeweler always and tighten the claws after a point of time. Follow these useful tips and that can help your diamonds last a lifetime!

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