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Wedding Rings – Platinum v/s Palladium

To a common man’s eye platinum and palladium look pretty much the same. There is not much difference in their external appearances as both have metallic gleam and are a shiny grayish white and are almost like identical twins! So what is it that sets the two metals apart? With this guide, I hope I will be able to help people to spot the differences between the two.

  1. Platinum is extremely rare and very precious making it very pricey. Palladium is also rare but not as much as platinum, making it a tad less costly than platinum.
  2. Platinum is a very heavy and dense metal, making it almost corrosion and scratch free. Though not as dense as platinum, palladium scores equally high in terms of density durability. But scratches are more common in case of palladium than platinum.
  3. Palladium is slightly whiter than platinum, which when mixed with gold gives white gold. Since platinum is already white, it does not need a rhodium or any other metal polish.
  4. Both the metals are extremely soft and ductile making it possible to carve fine jewelry out of it and need to be mixed with another metal to from an alloy before it is made into jewelry. They are pure in their composition and is made 90%-95% platinum or palladium with other metal.
  5. Both the metals are hypo-allergenic and do not cause any allergies.

After understanding these features, it becomes easier to decide which metal to choose for a wedding ring. Platinum is shinier than palladium. You can opt for rhodium polish for extra shine for a palladium ring. Also if you choose palladium, you need to look for a reputed and trustworthy jeweler who deals with palladium as it is not so common.

In my opinion, the biggest difference in the two precious metals is their prices. Palladium is cheaper as compared to platinum, though it is as luxurious as platinum. On the flip side, palladium is not very well known and it may be difficult to get jewelers who specialize in it. So summing up, the two main factors in deciding what to go for, is your budget and secondly the availability of specialized skills and workmanship.

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