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What Comes After Gold? Selling Silver and Diamonds

The true test of a fashionista is the ability to reinvent and look good even in the latest trends. But to do this, the most fashion forward woman follow one rule: upheaval and overhaul. The fashionable lot always take a look at their wardrobe at the end of the season, give away what they have not worn for a while or whatever they will not be wearing for some time to come; and then, they go shopping. While shopping can be fun, it can also burn a hole in your pocket. Also, with regular and seasonal shopping sprees, you can buy clothes and accessories, but the cost of jewelry and other such items will be hard to meet for even the best of us.

Therefore, the smart fashionista does this: she believes in selling silver. The fashion forward lady can come to us with any kind of jewelry or pieces in gold, silver and platinum. She can also come to us with diamonds set in outdated patterns. You can also sell diamonds and other estate pieces here. At Oren is Better, the world really is better.

Jewelry inherited or bought long ago, may not serve our purpose in the long run when it comes to putting a fashionable foot forward every time we step out of the house. Luckily, with a solution like Oren is better, you can go about selling silver and other pieces in a smooth and easy fashion.

You simply need to walk into our offices, or mail us your pieces. And if you happen to live anywhere in the Greater Toronto region, we will even drop by to seal the deal. You can sell diamonds, stones, estate pieces like tea sets, trays and other inherited items to wrap up an entire home. You can sell us anything precious with the assurance that the valuation will be done in front of you and you will be given cash on the spot.

So do not be a fashionista stuck in a fashion rut. Instead let us help you recycle and re-purpose the value for pieces that will suit your style and the current trends!

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