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Jewelry Buying Guide Pearls

What to Keep in Mind While Buying Pearl Jewelry

The relationship between a woman and pearls is timeless and classic. The beauty of pearls has always managed to catch the fancy of women across all ages. For those who are buying these for the first time, here are some factors to look out for.

  • Cultured v/s natural

Most of us know that natural pearls are far more valuable and costly than cultured ones. But it must be remembered that natural ones are quite rare to come by. Most of pearls sold in markets are actually cultured. Even those which are labelled as freshwater ones are in fact cultured. So decide wisely and pay accordingly.

  • Luster

Luster or shine of a pearl is one of the most important aspects to be considered. Rise in the luster raises the price as well. If the light reflection quality is high, almost resembling a mirror then the value is quite steep. While checking the luster, do ensure its uniformity.

  • Colour

The nature of pearl determines the colour and it is one of the primary things to be noticed when you first set your eyes on it. But apart from the main or body colour, another thing to look out for is the overtone or secondary colour which is the sign of a high quality gem. Silver and pink overtones are generally regarded as best. While examining the colour, it is a good idea to do so against a white backdrop. Also it is important to ensure the colour consistency of each one while buying a strand.

  • Surface

A very important feature that verifies the worth of the bauble is its surface. Perfectly round pearls with smooth, glass-like surface is a rarity. A clean surface is always preferable but one thing to look out for is whether the imperfections have been removed manually or not. This process is often carried out to make the items look perfect but it results in reduction of value.

  • Size

As a general rule, a pearl’s importance increases with its size. Larger ones are more expensive. When buying a strand, it helps to check whether all of them are of the same size or not.

  • Some tips to note
  1. To check whether the thing is real or not, try sliding the pearl gently across your teeth. Real pearls are always gritty while the fake ones feel smooth.
  2. Huge brand names do guarantee quality items but even lesser known names often sell high quality stuff. A thorough research can help save quite a bit of money.

So go ahead and buy yourself this symbol of virtue and purity, armed with the proper knowledge that can help you strike a great deal.

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