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Where to Sell Diamonds

Where to Sell Diamonds? A Genuine Buyer is your Key to a Profitable Deal

Selling diamonds is a perfect way to get instant cash to meet all the urgent needs arising out of the blue. A decision of selling your diamond rings, jewellery or loose diamonds will give you an option to acquire the monetary value of your asset. Compared to other financial alternatives, this is a much simpler option to get quick bucks. Selling both certified and non-certified diamonds offer you the debt free way of raising finance to pay your bills, upgrade your jewellery collection or afford a luxury or two.

When you have decided to sell your diamonds then your priority would be finding a genuine buyer. High deduction rates often prevent you from getting the best return by selling diamonds. If you can find a reliable buyer then you can expect a transparent deal with an accurate assessment and maximum return.

Here are a few tips for you to walk through a dazzling diamond deal:

  • There are two precise options for selling your diamonds. You can sell the diamonds to a jewellery buyer or a pawn shop which is involved in the business of buying pre-owned diamonds. The other option is to sell directly to the public. The direct selling to the public option can be done via online auction sites or classified advertisements. If you are extremely knowledgeable about assessing the value of diamonds then you may be able to gain a greater return this way. Nevertheless, this will option will require much more time and cause more stress than selling to a jewellery buyer. You need to be extra cautious about the fraudulent activities while choosing such an option. On the other hand selling your diamonds to a trusted buyer like Oren is Better will be a fast, easy and secure option.
  • Trust is the most important element while selling diamonds. An unreliable buyer can cause you a huge loss when attempting to sell your diamonds. Check the rating of the buyer with the Better Business Bureau. Authentic online reviews can be obtained on sites like Yelp, Google Plus and many other sites. Don’t trust reviews which are positive in nature but going to an extent of criticizing a particular business. A genuine reviewer won’t indulge in such malpractices. Beware of reviews which sound like advertisements, these are usually written by the business themselves.
  • Diamonds can also be sold on consignment. This option has the possibility of retrieving a higher amount which might fetch more cash but not always. This can be a practical solution if you have a really busy schedule. Here you can get the return only when the item is actually sold. So you might have to wait for several weeks or months to reap the profit. If your need for cash is urgent then this option is not useful.
  • Another option is selling your diamond to a family member or a close friend. Before approaching strangers, look for a buyer in your close circle. Often the best bargain is made with someone who knows you, likes your jewellery collection and wants to own few of the exquisite pieces out of it. Trust me! The only problem is that you will have to get your diamond evaluated but more importantly determine the retail value of it when selling it.

Oren Cash for Gold is a trusted diamond buyer in Toronto and the GTA. We buy all kinds of jewellery. You can sell your diamonds to us either individually as loose stones or as jewellery like bracelets, bangles, rings, broaches and tiaras. We have a team of experienced and well trained evaluators who are here to help you get quick and accurate appraisals for your jewellery. We won’t give you a delusive evaluation initially and an untrue final assessment. Satisfactory customer service and convenience are key elements of our business and a 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with professional, honest and authentic service.

At Oren we believe in the direct buying and selling approach, so you can avoid the interference of middlemen who claims a major part of the value of your diamonds. You can avail our services from any location in and around the GTA and yet be absolutely assured of quality evaluation and utmost privacy in all our dealings.


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