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Platinum Jewellery

Why opt for Platinum Jewelry?

Platinum is much in vogue and we see more and more people buying jewelry made of this white lustrous metal. This gives us all a reason to think why this is happening and what the reason behind this growing trend is. Let us take a bird’s eye view and compare this metal with its counterparts. This comparative study will help us understand why this is a preferred choice for jewelry.

This precious metal naturally is bestowed with certain properties that make it everlasting and extremely durable in nature. This metal never changes color nor does it fade or wear out like other precious metals.

White and lustrous

Platinum has a white luster that can be compared to white gold. But with the passage of time white gold tends to fade and lose its color, while this white meal will remain unchanged no matter what. It may appear a little grayish over the years, but this happens due to scratches that appear on its surface. These can be removed by polishing the metal. Also this metal will not cast any color on the stones that are set in it.  The density of molecules make it shine brighter than other precious metals.

Hard and durable

Platinum’s strength and durability allow it to hold precious stones, especially diamonds securely in place. It is hard and not soft like gold or white gold which are more prone to damage as compared to platinum. The hardness and durability of this metal makes it apt for everyday usage, while gold jewelry has to be worn with care. Besides this precious metal does not required to be treated chemically like white gold, which is made after treating yellow gold chemically. Some of the world’s most famous diamonds are all set in in this hard white metal.


This white metal is extremely pure as compared to other precious metals. It is hypoallergenic and can be used even by people who have sensitive skin. It can be used at 95% purity. 95% pure gold will scratch faster than 95% pure platinum as it is very hard. However, this is just an example and in reality it is not possible to use any metal of such high purity for jewelry. Higher the purity, softer is the metal.


Platinum can be polished numerous times to in order to get back its original luster. Its atomic strength prevents loss of metal while it is being polished unlike gold, which loses metal every time it is polished.

These are some very obvious reasons why this metal is a preferred choice for jewelry rather than other metals. So if you are planning to buy jewelry and hopes that it lasts more than a life time, buy platinum.

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