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Why should You Buy More Silver Than Gold?

If you are a precious metals investor then here some bare facts that can startle you. Silver can be a good investment these days and the availability of the ratio of silver to gold has a direct impact on prices of these metals. If you average the current availability ratio of silver to gold stands at 3:1. This is one of the contributing factors to why silver is gaining much foreground and is getting to be noticed more than gold.

The numbers are compelling case in this debate on whether or not to buy more silver than gold. The average annual gold production is now touching 80 million ounces which is more than the combined average of 50 million ounces of annual recycled gold. Around 130 million ounces of gold is available each year. If you compare silver production in a year, you can find that it averages 750 million ounces. Recycled silver also is fast catching up and is available rampantly in the market. Around 250 million ounces of silver does the rounds of precious metals production. There is effectively 8 times more of silver that is available in the market. The physical availability of silver has far exceeded that of gold.

As an investor you should buy more of silver these days than gold. The reasons are just not about rampant availability but that of market trends. This uptrend in buying silver is showing no signs of a slowdown and this would impact the sales of precious metals in the international market.

If these are credible reasons enough for you, go ahead and seal the deal in silver and bag the best prices!


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