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Diamonds can be your best friend

Even when you don’t own them?

Diamonds come into a person’s life during special occasions born out of love, and only due to an emergency or under dire circumstances does one let go of these precious gemstones. If you are in need of immediate cash, or have just come out of an unsuccessful marriage, or if you need to get rid of old diamond jewelry, the best bet would be to sell your diamonds. These precious pieces of crystallized carbon can represent undying love. Or some good cash when you need it.

Oren is Toronto’s Diamond Buyer!

Whether you have a diamond bangle, diamond coin, diamond earrings, diamond rings or a diamond necklace that you won’t be using any more, we will buy them and give you cash for diamonds.

We also buy diamond wedding bands, and engagement rings that you don’t want to keep.

Why Oren is Better?

Best assessment system: With a reputation of being the best diamond buyers in Toronto, Oren is Better buys all such diamonds that you’d rather not have. We have an experienced team of experts, who can adjudge the quality of diamonds with their state-of-the-art assessment system, and help us make the best offer to you.

Quick Service: We are quick in our assessment. Being a reputable diamond buyer in Toronto, we never make our customer wait to get the payment for their diamond. We don’t sell on consignment. We pay INSTANT cash for diamonds. After a detailed yet quick assessment, we offer you the highest rates for your precious stones.

Direct cash benefit: We also do not have any middle men to eat away into the price of your diamond. The process is simple. When you plan on selling diamonds, bring your unwanted, used, or broken jewelry directly to us. If the diamonds are set in precious metals, like gold or silver, we will buy the metals separately. The deal is made between you and us. No middle men. All the money we pay is yours.

We can come over to your place too!

If you are somewhere in the GTA, and are not able to bring in your jewelry to our shop, give us a call. We will send over one of our representatives to collect your jewelry and assess its true worth.

We pay INSTANT cash for diamond!

We are committed to providing you exceptional customer service and making a fair deal with you. With our modern expertise and machinery we assess the real worth of your diamond, and we keep our communication channels open. While we evaluate your gemstone, we encourage you to clear any queries you may have, so that you know the exact value of your diamonds.

This way, when we make you an offer, you know for sure it is fair and is the highest rate possible.

You have a higher rate to show us? Oren guarantees you to beat it. Fair and square.

Find out more about selling diamonds.

What you need to know before you sell diamonds

The 4 Cs of diamonds is the basis on which the price of diamonds is determined. If you keep these in mind, selling diamonds will be easier for you, for you will have a fair idea of the precious gemstone in your hand.

Cut: The more intricately a diamond is cut, the higher is the price. In other words, the brilliance of a diamond determines its price. So if you have a well cut stone, you have a winner there.

Colour: A pure diamond is colorless. While a colored diamond may look pretty, it was probably infused with nitrogen or sulfur while it lay inside the earth’s mantle. The more colorless a diamond, the higher is its price.

Clarity: Inclusions or tiny crystals of foreign materials can greatly affect the price and quality of a diamond.

Carat: The weight of your diamond is also important in determining the price.

Beat our Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee you the highest price when you sell diamonds, and if you can show us a place that pays higher, we will beat your rates.

As long as you have a genuine diamond, we have the best price.

We specialize in Large Diamonds. And the ones set in gold and silver.



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